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Top Tips: Planning Your Golf Trip

The Range at Christchurch Golf Club

There’s a lot of things you need to consider when planning your golf trip, especially if it’s your first! Here at GolfCatcher we have consolidated a list of key things you will require when you plan your golf trip.

Plan the group you are going to play with

Choose what group you are going to play with or whether you’d like to tackle one of our indoor golf simulators as a solo golf player.

Make Sure You have Your Golf Equipment

Remember to pack all of your equipment that you will need. Here at GolfCatcher we can help you to purchase Callaway clubs as well as advise you on the best clubs to get as a golfing beginner. As well as this we have a few sets of clubs that are available for the general public to use. Simply get in touch with GolfCatcher today and find out whether you can borrow a set of clubs for your golfing experience.

Research the Golf Courses

Choosing which golf courses you’d like to play before you visit can prove to be beneficial as you will understand the terrain you are playing on. At GolfCatcher we have a selection of golf courses you can play on our indoor simulators including golf courses which may be local to you in the UK. For example Parkstone Golf Course for those local to the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch area.

The Facilities Available

It is important to consider what facilities are available at the golf centre or golf course. For example you may require refreshments or a light bite to eat during your experience. Here at GolfCatcher we have a Sports Bar that facilitates refreshments and a selection of snacks for you to enjoy when you visit.

Prepare to Improve Your Game

You may be looking at improving your game – you never know who may be playing around you! Here at GolfCatcher academy we have PGA professionals on site who can help you. If you are looking to book a one-on-one lesson you can do so by calling us on 0800 6897877. For package and pricing information, explore our price lists online today.