So, what’s in it for a club and its members?If you run a club, you are no doubt competing with all the other clubs near you for members, societies and raising your profile in the golfing world. Here on GolfCatcher, every club in the UK and Europe has a free listing. We have taken the time to make sure as much detail is on the site that shows off who you are and where you are with a list of facilities.


Over the coming months, we will be rolling out our new systems. We are going to be providing a tee booking and events planning system that will make it so easy for you and your members but the most exciting thing for your members and events you run, will be the live leaderboard. We have been testing this down at a club near us and the response has been amazing. The players have been out on the course with access to the scoring and leaderboard, giving that masters feel to a normal run of the mill comp or society game. As part of GolfCatcher, members will be able to see so much about your club from what is in the pro shop, right the way through to booking a tee time. Societies will be able to book their tee times and ring you up and make their deposit in plenty of time for their round, without having to ring around, go back to their members and maybe come back to you with another call; speeding up the process and saving you missing the call. Another thing that we noticed with most courses, is that course conditions is a pain to manage. So, with GolfCatcher, you give the number of the team to us, and we text to ask what your conditions are for the day, every day and your response to the text goes straight up on the site, without logging in or relaying the message back to the club house for someone else to remember to go in and change it on the website, meaning every day your content is new.


We have designed GolfCatcher with you in mind, and if there is anything you want your page to do, then all you need to do is let us know. If you think we have missed something that would make your experience easier or more functional, then we will develop it. There will be no increase in cost as this goes along, no extras for add-ons or new functions. If you have a manual system or process, then we can automate it. Why should you be giving away tee times or paying extra for this or for that? It is a two-tier system; you either have the free listing or you can manage as much of your GolfCatcher account as you like.


The Clubs site is live now and you can register your account with us anytime you like. Right now, there is a promo code for clubs signing up for a fixed fee for life as we grow the content on the site. Once we get to the 25th of June 2019, the full package will be ready and launched at our GolfCatcher Championship on the EuroPro Tour during the Pro-Am in the morning. From this point onwards, you will have full access to everything on offer. Already got a booking system or events planning system? That is fine, we can feed off that and for the cost we are talking, there is no competition. Keep the system you are on and let us integrate with it so you can focus on the important things like building your membership, your visitors and making that course look and feel the best it can.


Welcome to GolfCatcher; there is always someone here to listen to what you want……and we can build it!