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Thank you for taking time to review this short passage about myself. I am twenty years old and beginning the great challenge of professional tournament golf.

Thankfully in my first attempt at trying I achieved an Alps Tour full status card for 2020, this was achieved with a 5 under par over the last 9 holes to gain the status. With the full status achieved I intend to compete in all events to give myself the best chance of achieving the next stage of my career development which is gaining full playing rights on the Challenge Tour, obviously as all tournament players my aspirations are the full main tours European or US. I have an attitude of one day at a time to pursue the ultimate goal and I use these days to follow a regime of dedication, persistence and belief.

The younger years as a player taught me that resilience and dedication are key to progressing through the ranks in golf, I have worked with the same coach since I was around 9 years old who has ingrained a Point 1 mentality to learning and improvement which during the ups and downs all players go through it has helped to keep me focused on the process of improving with the long term result the guiding thought.

I recently completed my Freshman year at Keiser University and gained my first win on US soils around PGA National the home of the Bear trap, which aided my gaining the All American Award for the season. During this year I had the honour of been nominated for the Jack Nicklaus award and placed on the Nicklaus watch list.

The next stage is been able to compete at the next level of performance which is a challenge in its self to be able to attend the events, as mentioned earlier the plan is to play the full schedule of Alps events with additional Major Qualifiers (The Open and US Open) to be included in the schedule. This is a large financial undertaking which will require partners to assist in my development, I understand the undertaking this is for people and businesses so I am looking to build relationships to ensure that all parties all fully involved in the process and a mutually beneficial partnership can develop for the long term.

Please feel free to contact or follow me on my social media account to learn a little more about me.

Twitter - @benbailey31

Additonal Information

Height: 1829 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Age: 20

Year Turned Pro: 2019

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As a young tournament golfer taking his first steps in the professional ranks I have very quickly learned that this is an extremely expensive career to pursue and the only way I can get to all the events that are scheduled this year is by assistance from partners and good performances on my part. Finances is one of the hurdles a aspiring tournament professionals has to overcome I do not have the support other young players have and I am having to find my own development path and support so I am looking at the generosity of businesses and people who after hopefully taking the time to contact me feel that I am someone they would enjoy aiding and following. I have included the share options I am making available at this time if anyone needs to discuss these please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am using the share options as a method of raising the £20000 capital needed to enable me to fund the event entrance fees, travel and accomodation expenses and a small percentage of living costs while at events. Thank you for taking the time to review my page, Regards Ben Bailey.

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