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From the Range to the Course: How to Prepare

Practicing your golf technique can be very different from the range to the course. For example, if you want to work on your swing, it may be best to visit the range where you can fire 50+ shots in an hour. Practicing on a golf course will be completely different as there could be hills and various surfaces that you will have to adapt to. However, in order to move up from the range to the course, it is essential to practice in a range of locations as this will help you to excel in the best way possible.

Just Launched: Bournemouth TrackMan Driving Range

The world’s largest TrackMan 360 experience is available now at Golf Catcher in Bournemouth! Not only will you be able to practice in one of our 45 outdoor driving range bays, but we also have 6 private teaching and 6 indoor golf course simulator bays available at our Bournemouth golf centre. All powered by TrackMan, you will be able to endure a once in a lifetime experience with us! Come and try some of the most accurate ground-breaking driving range technology on the market, simply turn up at the centre and begin playing.