Golf Catcher Pros

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the newest, fresh and exciting golf platform.We went live with our new site over the weekend and invited the members of the EuroPro Tour to start building our content for Pros. Excitingly, Steven Hall was the first member to sign up and get his profile up and running and we look forward to many more joining over the coming weeks and months.

If you have taken the time to read this article, then thank you, but why GolfCatcher? From a pro’s point of view, it is a great platform to create a presence for friends, family, fans and sponsors to be able to keep up to date with how your pro is getting on. It is designed for development tour pros to show themselves off and effectively market themselves. Do you realise that to be a pro on tour, it takes about £15k to get through a season? whilst some people could fund this themselves, we realise that most of these development players need to raise the money through other means. As an example, they will work all the hours they can in a pro shop and teach people to raise the funds, not only to live a normal life but also to get on some of these events to compete. There are two ways to look at this from an outside position. One is to say, well hey, it is not supposed to be an easy job, I work hard to make sure I put food on the table, why should it be any different for someone else? And when they do get their break, they will be more grateful. The second is, there are some amazing golfers out there, representing the sport we love to be involved in, who may never get the chance to really show what they can do, purely because they are golfers and not marketing gurus or they don’t know how to promote themselves enough to get the funds to make it, when their golf skills could be good enough to compete on a higher level.

So here it is, we at GolfCatcher, believe in number two. There are some amazing golfers out there, we have seen them. They are professional and motivated and we are just simply providing them with a quick, effective way of managing their brand and bring it to market for people like you who are reading this, who have an interest in the sport and may be, or know someone who can help. Over the coming months, follow how these guys are getting on. If you have the chance, get out and watch some of this quality golf because it is breathtaking at times and if you find the urge to get involved, then do so. Last years winner of the EuroPro Tour was Dave Coupland and he did so by investing the time in building a brand and raising the money through an innovative way. He sold shares as sponsorship in himself, not only helping businesses to show themselves off by logos and promotion but by giving them a vested interest in how he was doing. He shared his winnings with those who gave him the chance to focus on golf. He was able to practice more and be better prepared for the big events and it paid off.

With the EuroPro Tour events being televised to over 1 billion homes each week after an event, it is a great place to promote your business. It is an innovative, exciting tour which gives an amazing platform for golf and Dan Godding, who runs the tour along with his exceptional team, have worked tirelessly to put this tour heavily on the map. Take the time to look around and if you are one of the early visitors to the site, don’t disappear, bookmark us because over the coming months you will see some great golfers, some great footage and some of the most interesting courses on display.

Read a little about what else we are bringing to the table over the coming months here.